How do I transfer data from Palm PDA to Blackberry?


I currently use Palm PDA for my calendar, contacts, memos, to do etc. I am purchasing a Blackberry and would like to know how to transfer all my data from the Palm PDA.




You won’t transfer data directly from the Palm to the BlackBerry. What you will need to do is sync the Palm to a PIM application like Microsoft Outlook. Then, you will sync Outlook with the new BlackBerry. I don’t believe there is a way (other than a possible third-party application) to get all the data from one device to another.


You can use the software that blackberry provides with all there New Devices. (The CD will come in the box)
Its the “Blackberry Desktop Manager”. There is a option called “Switch Device Wizard” that will allow you to Import your Data from either a Palm device or a Windows Mobile powered device to a Blackberry Device. (Both devices must be connected to your computer)
So once both devices are connected, it will start the process.

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